The Narrowing Risk Gap Between Traditional and Alternative Investments

10 years ago we had a financial meltdown that had a seismic impact on day-to-day economics and the life of the man in the street (at least a Western developed market street). It was the bankers and the investment community that bought the pain that was then shared across the society, and the age of austerity was born. Continuing austerity measures, globalisation, migration and/or increasing automation, we now find ourselves in a period of remarkable political and social turmoil. But unlike 10 years ago, the impact of this turmoil on the big investment markets barely registers. Why is market sentiment so benign?

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Hedge fund revival quickens

Hedge funds betting on takeovers and company re-organisations are once again attracting investment in Europe amid the continent’s best start to a year for deal-making since 2014.

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The changing functions in private equity firms

Just a short 6 years ago, cloud computing was just becoming a trend in the corporate world. While it posed so many benefits for so many corporations, private equity firms have been slow to adopt the trend and make the most of it. However, some private equity firms have jumped on the bandwagon and have seen a substantial change.

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Family Office Investment Programs: Special Legal Considerations When Investing In Alternative Investment Funds

As part of their strategic investment diversification programs, many family offices invest in private alternative investment funds, which may include real estate funds, hedge funds, private equity funds, venture funds and impact investment funds. While family offices are generally very strong in the financial diligence of these investments, some are not as well-prepared to do legal diligence on them. Here are some family office-focused legal considerations in US, as well as some generally useful resources a family office should look at while making alternative investments.

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SEBI board to consider cutting IPO listing time to 4 days

The capital markets regulator will consider cutting the listing time for initial public offerings (IPOs), allowing alternative investment funds (AIFs) to invest in commodity derivatives and tighten rules for participatory notes (P-Notes) at its 21 June board meeting, two people familiar with the matter said.

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